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Asha - How I deflowered in her tight salwar and kurta-4

Asha picked one bag from Priya and gave a cute
smile to me saying I am leaving by nodding head…. Priya observed that too…. I
was trying to avoid Asha to not get noticed… Neither didn’t want to see
Priya…But, still had to see Priya and smiled.. Priya still confused and
appeared like she was doing some investigation in head :)… and left home saying
bye to Sparsha…….

I stood there while I winked to Asha for which she
gave a flying kiss…. I pulled out the panty of my pocket and gave a kiss
through it.. She was shocked and made her eyes wide open and said no in eyes
and left immediately after I put the panty back to my pocket… but I continued
standing there feeling the panty’s softness in the pocket…

As I placed in my hand into my pocket, I could
still feel the soft texture of Asha's panty. I pressed my manhood through my
pocket while feeling the panty, which made me recall the romantic moments we
had just spent.… Wife shouted from kitchen as she had packed some food from the
wedding function. I started having food, while I heard a ping on my mobile to
see Asha's message on google hangouts at my id – “cozy.cuddle143” with kisses
smiley. I replied, hey sweetie missing me already? She replied, yes I have
strong itch down and you still have my panty. I replied, you don't need a panty
for that, you just need to rub it gentle. She sent a giggle smiley and said she
doesn't have something handy to rub it nice and you have it. I replied I don't
have it.

She said you cheater, you have it. I replied saying I have no clue
of what you are talking about and you very well can use your cute fingers… For
which, she typed NO, my fingers can’t curb this itch… I need the one which is
hidden down between your thighs, its hot and hard like a thick iron shaft. I
sent a smiley and said it is no longer hard and you have dried all the hotness
in him. She replied, if you want I can come over to help him be in his raunchy
mood. All these chats were enough for my dick to go hard again. I said sure
stop over whenever you feel like and treat this as your house only... She said
sure dear... I didn't want to continue the chat as my wife was still
moving around the hall, kitchen and could notice my hard-on. Also, I was just
done with my dinner too...

Asha called my wife and said will be coming over to pick something
she had forgotten in the guest room and would be there in 10-15 mins... I was
shocked and didn’t think Asha had meant to visit right now… Meantime, my wife
yelled about she heading to take a shower and be back in a while and to attend Asha
if she comes.... This whole event was making me sexcited all over again...
Also, the kinky idea which I had while having sex came in again and quickly
rushed to my room and looked into my check-in bag. I had bought few pairs of
sexy lingerie, night gowns and sexy skirts. I picked the soft polka dot skirt
(red and white) and matching black tank.

I also hid a pair of Bra and thong on the corner and thought of
gifting her later. And, was waiting for Asha to come over and placed the skirt
and tank in the guest room. I was praying for my wife to have bath for long
time... But. for a surprise I heard a knock on the door and I opened hoping it
to be Asha... And, there she was still wearing that sexy Kameez and nipples
still lightly pointing out… I guess she was all excited about coming here. I
just pulled her in and hugged her tight... She squealed a bit saying your wife
will hear... what are u doing Hemant.... leave me... I didn’t let her go
and said so what let her hear us.... probably she would want to join us... You
are so sexy that she will probably be your partner than mine :)... Asha
was giggling and still insisted on leaving her with a fear of being noticed. I
informed her of sparsha being in the bathroom... She stopped struggling and
kept her hand on my shoulder gazing into my eyes and smiling with love filled
in her eyes...

While she lifted her hands, the smell from her armpits made my groin go wild...
I couldn't resist and held her buttocks tight, squeezing it hard and pushing my
penis hard on to her thighs area... She giggled loud with a wild expression and
hit me on my chest. I asked her to come to guest room and I picked her up
holding her firm buttocks, lifting her in the air with her boobs facing my
face... I said Hi to them as I they were my friends now :)... I lifted all the
way to the room while continuing to inhale her body aroma... I let her down on
the floor slowly... letting her boobs touch my face and chest... she pinched my
cheeks saying naughty... I surprised her with my present and held the skirt in
front of her... She was too excited to see and gave a naughty smile saying you
had planned is it... I cannot wear this here... It hardly covers my upper
thighs... and also after looking into the tank, she said this would barely
cover my nipples exposing my skin in this stretchy cotton material... Did you
bring it 2 sizes shorter for me and you want me to wear and roam around?
I said yes and these are true to their size and it will fit u nice... also just
wear it only in front of me and no inners, I winked :) ... She was like come on
Hemant... first give back my panty, then you talk naughty...

I said sparsha will take another 20mins or so in shower... why don't u try it
for me... She was interested but still had fear as it was a tight window... I
didn't want to waste much time & went closer and held her salwar string...
Before pulling it, I touched her pussy over salwar and I could feel the wetness
already... and said her, see your pussy begs to differ and all ready to get
explored... She pushed me away saying, go away Hemant... that’s too much.
As I stepped back, the salwar got un-strung as I was still holding the
string... I said sorry and asked her to try it out. She hit me on my
chest and smilingly agreed...

I hugged her tight, kissed her neck inhaling her sweat body. Our embrace became
tight while she was moving her hands over my prick and started to squeeze. I
was rubbing her back all over and quickly unbuttoned her bra with her Kurta
still on. She laughingly screamed, Hemant enough of your naughtiness... You go
now, I will wear and call u... and keep eye on Sparsha to inform me in
advance... I was not interested to go out and said I will be here with you and
want to see you get undressed and wear this sexy outfit.

No, no, you have to go now and I don’t want Sparsha to accidently hear us or
enter here... I felt it reasonable and headed to living hall. But, didn't want
to miss the view too... I headed to hall and just stood close to the door with
good view of the guest room and our master bedroom just to ensure that my wife
will not barge out.

Asha was looking onto the outfit. She picked the skirt and started to feel
it... The material was very smooth made more of a satin type with polka dot
design... pink/red hot color with white. She held it against her cheeks to feel
its smoothness and smiled giving a sign of appreciation. She then looked
towards the door and I just moved aside. She then held the top which was made
of a stretchy material with deep neck. When held in hand it looked like a

Meantime, I just headed to the bedroom and slipped into bathroom asking for
Sparsha if she is done. She replied saying it will make more time and asked if Asha
is back. I said her no and she had messaged of being late and asked my wife to
take her own time... As she was planning for a head bath and tired all day
doing the club work and then the party, she needed more time under the shower.

Then, I moved to the guest room, Asha had removed her kurta and was just in her
unhooked Bra and salwar. Loved the view and just wanted to go hold her tight
and make love to her right away. But, didn't want her to startle or make
uncomfortable. I just stood there admiring her beauty. She turned back to see
if I am there. She then slowly pulled her salwar down. She was now just
in her bra. I could see the light reflection on her wet thighs, her pussy
juices had run down to her knees. She wiped it using the end of the salwar.

She then pulled off her Bra too... That was a delight for me. My dick was all
in its full glory. I just wanted to barge in and lift her and fuck like a
horse. I waited. She then took the skirt, and slipped into it. She then
moved towards the mirror and was admiring herself... She was just amazingly
sexy in that short skirt just running onto her upper thighs. I was wondering
why is she wasting time in front of the mirror. I had decided to move in now...
She then grabbed the tank top and pulled it over her. Wow! you should
really see to feel the experience. It was a stretchy material and it just
clinged to her body like a tight skin or body socks.

I had no patience or reason to stand there.... In my head, I had a timer
running which said another 20mins.... I was about to enter by then Asha took
her mobile, I thought she was going to call me. But, instead she held it to the
mirror and took a selfie of her in that sexy dress. I was amazed and my dick
was just about to tear my shorts off. Then she looked into her mobile and kept
aside... I was about to enter and then got a message and guess what, it’s the
same pic what Asha had taken... I felt so nice about it.... I could no longer
stand there...

I rushed in and she got shocked and shouted... ohhh you! I just sent u
something and u are here already...... saying she turned towards me in full
view and stood posing to me in her full glory... here goes my love! She
stood on her one leg straight while bending the other one by resting on her
toes, while her one hand was on the waist and the other moving her hairs ...
She was looking at me in an angle, where her eyes were gazing at me waiting for
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