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A royal treat in gold plate

\r\n It was my first job. After many a psc exam i have got that in my 27 years. I was from a poor family .All I need was a job to maintain my family of mom and 2 sisters. Marriage was not yet in my agenda. Of Course I was in liking with a girl of my age . She was my class mate. Being late for marriage they were worried. I used to like her for her tall body and red lips. Even though black she has a grace. I used to play in my bed imagining of her body and used to spoil my sheets. .It was then I have got the job. After 6 months we has a cultural programme. I have worked for day and night sincerely. The vice principal who was in charge was a strong lady. Taller and plumb than me was pure white and very strict. She was about 39 or so . From a royal family she was in her burka.I have only seen her feet in a shoe and hands and her face. From those she was beautiful than many a film stars. But she was very unfriendly and horribly strict and orthodox and religious. All other teachers and staff and students used to avoid her maximum. It was told that she was a millionaire with husband in a foreign country. Her only kid was also in a boarding. She comes in her own driven car and leaves soon after work. .Being taught in a famous college she is said to be a good teacher and administrator.Many liked her for her ability and colour of gold and long body. .In days when she comes with a slipper all eyes used to be at her golden long feet. I knew a staff who never loose chance from licking the footrest under her table after her exit. I was so fearful of her an never make a chance to go in front of her. .It was told that her relations are so high that she can even finish off if she dislike, There was a story of a teacher who has lived her .she has thrashed hin and transferred him to a corner of the state, Luckily on being fell on her feet his life has been spared, the story goes. \r\n On the show I had many a occasions to go near her and talk with her. I did not felt her as ghost or so ,an ordinary simple lady. .I was with her for carrying her baggages in her car. Since I was a trained driver she used to allow me to drive also, of course when she \r\n sitting on back seat only.The programme has continued for 7 days .And we became friendly . she used to provide food for me and I used to clean the car and do al works for her. She has taken me to her house for 3 times. It wa a two storied styled house with onlt her mother in law and 2 servants. She was a n old lady of 75 .and servants had there quarters. I used to carry her bags to her first floor room. Her mom also used to talk with me and even used to ask her to give food for me. .It was there I have seen her in normal dress. Areal hoori. Even though she walks with a silk strapped chappel her heals used to get pink and red from each step. She has a good boob in her tight dress, .I have lost my sleep from that day. \r\n Luck has served me in getting more contact. She has ordered me to drive her for some days since she has a pain on her hand, So I used to go to her with car and again come with it. My teacher who used to lick her foot ret used to ask many things of her. But I never used to tell those. Since the car was with me in night he used to sleep on that seat for the whole night so as to ger her smell. Being innocent i have never objected him.\r\n Then on one day i have under stood that she was very healthy for her hand.The plan was to get me free service as a driver. Soon one day she has sat with me in the front seet. Her smell and even her heat has made my mad. On the way I have just became careless. She in fact has braked the car by pressing brakes. But she has not abused me. I have not even washed my feet for a night thinking of that lucky feet in getting her contact. ButI have never tried to touch her at all.\r\n Then one day when I have dropped her at home she has asked me to wait. I was to carry her mother in law to the airport about 50 km away. She has also accompanied with me ans finally she has been left in flight. On return we had food at a hotel and since it was late she had a room there. Then only \\i could know that it was a double room. I have not told any objection. I was even ready to sleep on the sofa in the front room. But she has asked me to separate the coat and made me to sleep on it. Before sleep she has changed to a short nighty. >It was then I knew that I had a penis so tight and was unable to sleep at all. It was paining .I have told her that I shall go to the front room for sleep. When asked I have told her that I have a problem with mt groin. has smailed and asked me to open my underwear. When I have objected she has pulled me to her bed. , and kept one of her legs on me. I have lost mt senses Started crying and then she has embraced me tightly. I have started to lick her neck and chin unknowingly
The things happened further was almost not in my memory. When I regaained concious she was in deep sleep. I have seen many bite marks on her body. Her pusse was wey and bed sheet with both blood and secretion marks. Initially I have feared and when got up i have caught her feet for parden. But the plaay has continued since then even at her house.
Now I am not worried for that black girl for marriage. let me drink from the sea and finish then will think of that stream
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