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A Naive Bride Part 7

"I had the opportunity to see her breasts" he replied.

"Did you touch them" she asked.

"Yes, I had my hand inside her blouse" he replied.


"And even caressed her lush thighs a bit" he said.

"Did it excite her as much as it did for you" she asked.

"Obviously" he shot back.

"Did she feel any of you" she asked.

"She placed her hand once on mine" he replied coyly.

"Mine what" she asked?

"My pecker" he replied.

"So you both felt each other's parts" she asked.

"She did not allow me to touch hers" he replied looking down at her waistline.

"Why" she asked suddenly.

"May be she is too shy" he said.

"Oh! Saying this she blushed.

"Why are you blushing" he asked.

"No nothing" she said.

"Tell me" he persisted.

"I thought you had seen her nude body" she said.

"No I did not get the opportunity" he said.

"You know something" she blurted out suddenly.

"What" he asked.

"Yesterday night I was with her" she said.


"And we bared others upper body" she said.

"You mean you saw each others breasts" he asked.

"Yes" she replied.

"Did it excite you" he asked and waited impatiently for her answer.

"If you call that excitement, yes I was excited" she replied.

"Does talking with me excite you" he asked.

"I am feeling warm sensations" she replied.

"All over your body" he asked.

"Yes all through my body" she replied.

"Any specific place" he asked.

"I can't tell you that" she said shyly.

"Look mine is regaining its strength" he said looking at his pants tenting up.

"What made it to regain its strength" she asked curiously.

"Talking with you about it" he said.

"Can I see it now" she asked.

Rajesh was excited to hear her words and said "no not now, I need to have a bath."

"Okay, even I too have not taken a bath" saying this she got up and left him.

Rajesh could not believe the conversation he had with her. Feeling elated he went up to his room and had a leisure bath.

Meanwhile Preeti after having finished her bath came out wearing a bright sari and Sheetal seeing her decked up said "what's the occasion."

"Nothing just like that" she replied.

"Rajesh will be happy to see you" she said.

Hearing it she blushed and said "yes I think so, we just had a talk"

"What did you talk about" she asked her.

"Nothing, may be he will tell me more when I go to his room" she replied.

"Yes and I am happy to hear it" she said.

"Can I stay in his room for sometime" she asked.

"Yes" she replied.

On being permitted Preeti was delighted and she waited impatiently for supper time.

Finding Sheetal alone fixing the dining table Rajesh moved behind her and held her by placing his hands on her waist.

"What are you doing" asked Sheetal.

"I am trying to warm myself" he replied back.

"Shall I switch on the heater" she asked.

"Your body has more warmth than any heater" he replied as he felt her warm thighs.

"Are you using my body as a heater" she asked.

"No I am using your body for his purpose" he said.

"For whose purpose" she asked bashfully.

"The one which is knocking at your hind" he replied as he moved closer to her so that she could feel his manhood.

"Are you not ashamed" she said.

"Why should I be" he said.

"What happens if my daughter see us" she replied.

"Let her see, moreover I feel she is showing some interest in it" he replied.

"Is she" she asked?

"Yes we just had a talk and she is showing keenness to learn a few things" he said.

"Then why don't you go teach her" she said playfully and waited for his reply.

"I need this as it is cozier" he said as his hands moved up her thighs.

"Do you think I will allow you that liberty" she asked blushingly.

"You have to" he replied back.

"How come" she said as she felt her body sway towards his in passion?

"It is a deal I am going to make with you" he replied.

"What deal" she asked.

"I will teach Preeti and in return I want to see this" he said as he squarely placed his hand on her mound.

Sheetal shook her head as his hands reached her sex and moving out of his reach said "I am yet to decide on it."

"I know what your decision is" said Rajesh eyeing her as he sat down on the chair.

"Do you" asked Sheetal as Preeti came.

After having supper Rajesh got up from the table and winking at Sheetal went to his room. Preeti hurrying across the kitchen fetched a glass of milk and looking at her mother, who nodded her head, went up the stairs.

Preeti hesitated as she approached the door and when she finally entered she felt his muscular arms slip around her waist dragging her in.

Moving inside the room she said "wait till I close the door."

"No Preeti I have been waiting for this moment from a long time" he replied.

"Don't you want your milk, it is getting spilled" she said.

"Keep it aside. I need something warm" he replied pulling her.

"Shall I switch on the heater" she asked as she set aside the glass of milk.

"Who needs the heater when I have you" he replied turning her to face him.

"Then what do you want" she asked softly.

"I want you in my arms" he said.

"You had me in your arms yesterday" she replied.

"Yesterday you were not the same Preeti as of today" he said.

"Why? have I changed so much" she asked.

"Yes you have changed a lot. You have grown up. You have become mature" he replied as his eyes wandered over her body.

"Do you see any change in my appearance" she asked as she saw him eyeing her body.

"Yes you look attractive in this sari as it shows off your charms" he said sliding the top of her sari from her chest and looking at her petite bosom ensconced in her blouse.

"What charms are you talking about" she asked getting excited.

"Your breasts they are absolutely ravishing to look at" he said looking at them well settled inside her blouse.

"How can you be so sure when they are covered" she asked as her body sizzled with pleasure.

"I had the pleasure of looking at them yesterday and more over now I can see their cute impressions" he replied as he started releasing the hooks of her blouse one by one.

"Do you think it is necessary to remove my blouse" she asked taking a deep breath.

"Yes I want you to enjoy it thoroughly" he replied removing the blouse from her body.

"Are you doing this for my pleasure" she asked getting elated.

"I take pleasure in pleasuring you" saying this he pulled her blouse from her body and looking at her small breasts set inside her bra said "they are magnificent"

"Don't you think they are small compared to mothers" said Preeti as her body trembled with desire.

"Yes they are small but they are so beautiful petite and firm" he said as he stared at her breasts under her bra.

"I would like mine to be as big as mother's" she said.

"They will be of her size soon" he replied.

"How soon" she asked.

"Once you get pregnant" he observed.

Hearing it Preeti was devastated. She had some inkling as to what pregnancy meant and feeling shy she said "I am not going to get pregnant."

"Is it How can you be so sure Do you think my brother will not make you pregnant" he asked.

"Is that the reason why he tries to take advantage of me" she asked.

"What does he do" Rajesh asked getting excited.

"He is a beast. He usually undresses me in a hurry and pushes his thing inside" she replied shyly.

"Does he not kiss you, fondle your body, undress you slowly and then push his thing inside" he asked.

"No he does not have so much time with him. He does everything in a jiffy" she replied.

"You mean he just . . . . . you, no foreplay" he could not utter the word "fuck"

"Yes he is in and out in a few seconds" she replied.

"And that is why you call him a beast" he asked her.

"Yes and I am scared when he comes to the room during nights" she replied.

"Have you seen his thing" he asked.

"No I have just felt it" she said.

"Does he not undress in front of you" he asked.

"No he just unzips his pants and puts it through" she replied.

"I am so sorry to hear it Preeti" he said.

"Why are you so" she asked looking puzzled

"Because he does not treat you like a woman" he replied.

"Why do you think he behaves like that" she asked.

"I think there is some deficiency in him" he replied.

"Like," she asked.

"May be he cannot keep his thing vitalized for long" he replied.

"Why is it so" she asked enthusiastically.

"Because you are very pretty and when he sees you naked he just ejaculates or may be his thing is small" he replied.

"May be" she said dejected.

"You don't have to feel sorry about it. Speak to him to consult a doctor" he replied.

"No I cant do that. What will he think about me" she replied flatly.

"You have to do it for your sake" he replied.

"Is it necessary" she asked him quizzically.

"Yes it would be to your advantage" he said.

"Why don't you speak to him" she asked him suddenly.

"No I cant, those matters can only be discussed between a husband and a wife" he said.

"But you are talking to me and you are not my h. . . . . .. . . " she stopped.

"Yes, I am talking to you about it coz I was told to do so" he said.

"By whom" she asked.

"By your mother and maybe your husband asked her to do so" he replied.

"Yes, he had addressed a letter to her which I handed over" she replied.

"Yes, may be that is the reason why your mother asked for my help" he said.

"So you are helping me out. What is there for you" she asked him.

"There is plenty in it for me" he replied back.

"And that is" she asked.

"That is I have pretty Preeti and her gorgeous mother for company" he said.

"Are you happy with it" she asked.

"Of course, I could not have dreamt of anything more" he replied.

"You are trying to teach me that I can understand. What about my mother" she asked?

"Remember she is a lonely woman after losing her husband.
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