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A Cuckold's Tale Part 3

My newest sexual obsession had begun. After that, every time I watched porn I imagined that it was my wife getting fucked on

that screen, by someone other than me. I drifted away from the swinger sites and found more of an infatuation with sites that

focused solely on men watching their wives fuck other men. I learned the term cuckold and it became a staple in my search


That led me to Exbii. At first I wasn't so interested in reading about sex I could be watching on a video. But porno, with

all of the cheesy plot lines, if there was one at all, left something to be desired. I knew those guys sitting their watching

the porn starlet get screwed weren't actual husbands.

Somehow it became just as important to me how they got to the scene as what happened in it. I wanted more realism in my

fantasies, because for a while, there was a big part of me that actually considered just how real this fantasy could become.

And I wanted that, I wanted SUMITA to spread her legs for another man.

It started with scenarios involving women who fucked men to please their voyeuristic husbands. But like everything else in

the dark world of my obsession, it escalated. Soon I was paying attention to the most extreme, humiliating, cuckold stories

there were. I couldn't get enough of it. As my obsession grew, my self-esteem plummeted.

There were days I'd want to throw up just looking at my wife. The guilt of knowing what dirty fantasies I had about her ate

at me. Our marriage was hanging on by a thread, and thinking about losing her forever was the saddest feeling in the world.

One minute I'd be plotting on how to get her laid, the next I'd be racking my brain trying to figure out how to fix things

between us.

I was posting on cuckold websites asking strangers for advice on how to get SUMITA to fuck someone else. I was serious about

it. But no good advice came. Then I'd be on relationship websites asking strangers how to put the fire back in my marriage.

No good advice came.

Then one day I found an online friend named Anghsu. He was the author of some of my favorite cuckold stories from Exbii. I'd

sent him a rather jubilant e-mail expressing my love of his work one day, which was more like worshipping at his feet since I

was rock hard in my fantasy mindset when I wrote it. He replied in kind, and we began an ongoing dialogue about my wife, and

my fantasies.

Deep down I realized this guy was probably as sick as I was, but he also seemed very grounded and down to earth. Who was I to

judge? We were seeds from the same tree. He made no outlandish claims about his experiences in the lifestyle, although he

vaguely admitted to having some hands on experience with cuckolding. He didn't give me any pie-in-the-sky idea's about

turning my wife into an overnight whore, but he did do his part in persuading me to pursue it. Sometimes I got the feeling he

wanted to see it happen for me as badly as I did at the time.

By the same token, he appeared sympathetic to the conflicted nature of my desires. He listened and showed empathy when I

backpedaled and recanted my deviant wishes in favor of rekindling the love in my marriage. He could be a total perv right

along with me, or play the role of marriage councilor. Not only that, he was the only one I had to discuss such things with.

I might have gone nuts if I hadn't had that outlet to vent my conflicted feelings.

During that vulnerable time in my life, I shared more information about myself and SUMITA than any logical person would ever

consider giving a stranger. Hell, I'd sent him pictures of SUMITA and myself, talked about work, talked about family, this

guy could have written my biography. But Anghsu never felt like a stranger to me, he was a friend. A very strange friend, but

the same could have been said about me from his end.

Then came that strange night - the night I'd taken the picture of SUMITA naked on our bed. She'd come home drunk off her ass

after another drinking binge at Bennigans. I was fully prepared for another unprovoked attack on my character and a lengthy,

emotional fight. I was used to it when she came home in that state. I got attacked all right, but in a very different way.

SUMITA started peeling off her clothes the second she stepped in the door, laughing and stumbling around. I stood there in a

total state of confusion, wondering what had happened to my wife. She stripped off everything and tackled me to the living

room floor, kissing me with the kind of passion that hadn't existed between us in years.

I was stunned but not about to ruin the moment by asking for an explanation, so I went with it. She was aggressively ripping

off my clothes and using sexual innuendo like I'd never heard come out of her mouth before, save for the first night I'd met

her. For the first time since the night I met her, we fucked somewhere other than the bedroom, as she mounted me and rode me

hard right on the living floor. That was another first, SUMITA never got on top.

I remembered her pussy being wetter than I'd ever felt it before; it was sloppy and made a huge mess of our carpet. I

remembered the hungry look in her eyes as she fucked me. Her aggressiveness had turned me on so much that I couldn't manage

to make it last more than couple of minutes. But she wasn't satisfied with that.

She led me to the bedroom and told me she was feeling naughty. That's when the camera came out, at her suggestion. She was

posing for me in various suggestive positions, showing me an exhibitionistic side of her that I never knew existed.

Unfortunately, in my excitement I'd forgot to put the memory card in the camera! It was too late when I finally realized it

and dug out the memory card. She'd lost her mood for posing and I'd only gotten the one last photo of her kneeling on the

bed, before she snatched the camera from me and moved on to something else.

That something else was sucking my cock. That was big deal for me, because I could count on one hand the number of blowjobs

she'd given me in the four years prior to that; three. She sucked me like she never had before that night, she was hungry and

enthusiastic about it unlike the other times, and she refused to quit before I came. Having already cum once I was lasting

quite a while, until she threw another curveball my way.

While sucking my cock, she lubricated a finger with her mouth, reached between my legs and slithered her finger into my ass!

That was my introduction the prostate massage, and with her working me over with her finger and mouth at the same time, I was

blowing seed all over her face in no time flat.

Staring at my sexy wife with my cum splattered all over her face drove me nuts. She looked the part of the cock hungry cum

slut I'd always made her out to be in my fantasies. When she pulled me to her lips and kissed me that way, it was one of the

most erotic things she'd ever done.

She didn't wipe it off either when she demanded I fuck her again. I was exhausted but she did all the work, riding my face

for a very long time while I licked her sloppy pussy before hopping on my dick again and riding me until the sun came up. The

next day she was silent and hardly even looked at me. I knew she was embarrassed about it.

But after that, things began to change for the better. Sex was still as mundane as ever on her sober days, but when she drank

there was a lot less arguing and a lot more fucking. A blowjob was a virtual lock, along with the accompanying prostate

massage, and I always got to blow my load on her face. She was aggressive, and needy, and took control. All I did was hang on

for the ride and do whatever she asked.

The catch 22 was that her drinking became much less frequent, and with it so did the good sex. But the rift between us seemed

to dissipate. We were talking and communicating again, and enjoying each others company like we had before. It was like we'd

somehow re-fallen in love. The next six months were good.

With our relationship on more solid ground, I all but abandoned the idea of getting her to fuck other men. I did not however,

abandon the fantasy. Wanting SUMITA to be a slut for other men was still an obsession, and if anything, the obsession became

even stronger. But I'd finally resigned myself to leaving it forever as a fantasy. I no longer thought of ways to actually

make it happen.

I sighed deeply after recounting those events in my head, feeling a little less horny than before.

"Here I go again," I shook my head, "A fucking slave to a fantasy." I pulled up Exbii and clicked on one of my favorite

stories, one written by Anghsu.

I looked at the lotion, but hesitated to begin my ritual. I sat there, idle, cursing myself. I could have been fucking my

beautiful wife, but instead I was about to masturbate to the idea of her fucking someone else. I rarely felt such remorse

before an orgasm, that self-torture was reserved for afterwards, but that night was different.

I almost clicked off the Internet and went to try and make another go at my wife. And even if she wasn't going to put out

that night maybe I'd just hold her...but I didn't. And that would later prove to be a life changing decision.

(To Be Continued)
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