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A Close Family

I am a 20 years old Indian boy. My name is Ananta Basu. My home town in India is Calcutta. My father, Nanigopal Basu is a suucessful lawer at Calcutta. My mom, Aruna Basu is a singer and a teacher. I have one sister too. Rubina, my pretty sister is 25 years old. She lives with her husband at Delhi. My father ('Baba' in bengali) is 50 and my mom ('ma' in bengali) is 44. Rubina and I are the most precious things to my parents. They love us more than themselves. Naturally, they were very sad when my sister got married and I left home for studying in engineering at Bombay two years ago. Ma weep for months and wrote me letters full of words how she misses me and Rubina and how she is looking forward to the days when I will come home. Baba was gloomy too, but he didn't let us know that.

Anyway, When I came home this summer, my parents were very happy. After a week of huge happiness, we all started missing Rubina, my lovely and sexy sister. I have not seen her for last 2 years. Several pictures of her that I saw in these 2 years only makes me feel that she has become more prettier and sexy after marriage. Before marriage, she was pretty alright, more cute than sexy. She is very tall, a hefty 5'10", has long black silky hair, two large saltry eyes and is extremely fair for a bengali girl. Everybody at her college used to think that she is panjabi, not a bengali. She was very slim and thin as well, only weighed 110 lbs before marriage. In contrast of her slender figure, she had a heavy pair of tits and a big ass. Even though I have never seen Rubina naked, I knew by my heart that she is stunningly sexy inside. Her tits were about the size of a pair of big oranges, not huge by any means but round and tight. Suddenly, I felt very horny thinking about the pretty face and the sexy body of my sister. I was so hot that I had to jurk off instantly. That night, I dreamed about how I like to kiss Rubina's juicy lips, suckle her nipples and ram my big cock in her wet cunt. I jurked off hundreds time. They were the strongest orgasms of my life. Before going to sleep I decided to go to Delhi to visit Rubina.

Ma was very elated to hear that I am ready to Delhi and bring back Rubina to stay with the family for a month. She called Rubina and told her about my coming. Rubina was very excited too. I took the plane to Delhi the next day and reached Rubina's door with erected cock. But my steam got out when I found that her husband's family is very conservative and would not let her go with me without the permission of the head of the house who was out of town. Besides, Rubina looked very sad, gloomy and depressed. She was wearing very conservative clothing with thick dopatta (shwal) over her head and I could hardly see her face, let alone her body. Her mother-in-law does not let her go out as often as she likes, or dress as every modern girl of her age does. Rubina has to sit around most of the day at her room and do lot of household chores for her mother-in-laws. So, going home with me was a great escape for her, she was very excited before learning that it is not going to happen soon without the permission from her father-in-laws. She started to weep. I was very upset too and felt more urgency to move Rubina out of her confinement.

Finally, after one day the man of the house came because he had to postpone his visit to his village home for some grave reason. I urged him very passionately how my family missed Rubina and pleaded to let her go with me to visit my parents. He relunctantly agreed, but for only two weeks. I had no options to refuse, so I yielded. The next morning, the family driver of the house drove Rubina and me to the railway station as I missed the plane because of the delay. Rubina was silent. She didnot say any words to me. When the driver saw us take our seats in the first class compartment we reserved and left, only then there was a shread of smile on Rubina's face. First things she said, "I shall go to the rest room." I noticed that the compartment was rather small, had only one long seat and a overhead bunk and a window. It was hardly 5 ft wide and about 7 ft long. Our bags and stuff had taken all the bunk, so we will have to share the only seat for the next 24 hours. The entrance of Rubina to the compartment snaped me from my thought. I was enthralled and speechless looking at Rubina standning before me with a big smile.

She has removed all clothes that she was wearing and now wearing a a tight fit salwar kamiz. It was a semi transparent shimphon kamiz and was shockingly feroza colored. All her inhibition from the conservative clothings were gone now. She was a damn sexy fuckable sister now. She still have those long hairs which she let fall freely. She was wearing heavy make ups on her face, dark mascara on eyelids (also feroza) and very hot red lipstick. Her pauty lips seemed to me two fresh orange loves to suck on. Obviously she was not as slim as she used to be. She gained some weight. But most of the weights have accumulated on her tits. They are huge now. From two shapely apples they had become two huge cocoanuts. Still amazingly tight. I could easily make out the trace of her flowery bra through her see-thorugh dress.

That bra must have been made of some very strong elastic material, because her salwar kamiz was almost exploding at her chest. Every thread of the kamiz were streched to their fullest. To make things worse (or better), the kamiz was very low necked, so a considerable portion of her tits were bursting out of her kamiz clearly showing the deadly cleavage.

Very reluctantly I moved my eyes from her tits and looked down. Her white and fair belly with the deep naval was visible through the kamiz. No she does not have any or very little fat on her abdomen. She was wearing a skin tight salwar pazama of the same feroza color and a long high heel. In fact she is even taller than me with these high heels. I do not remember how long I ogled my sister like that. May be it a was only a few seconds, but to me time has stopped counting. And my old hardon has come back with enormous vigor. It was so hard that it ached and it made a visible tent over my pants. I had no control over it. My cock only dreamed about a sweet slim sister who is just sexy. But this new sex bomb that Rubina has visibly become was really unaccounted for.

It was difficult not to notice the reaction her return has created on my cock and Rubina noticed it. She smiled at it and said, -What happened to you? Have not you seen a girl before? I was back to reality and only managed to say, -No, I mean yes, I have seen many girls but not as beautiful as you. I never thouht you become so pretty and beautiful lately. Rubina smiled again and said, -Ok, you don't have to flatter me. I can not get chance to dress like this often. My husband gave me this kamiz last year, but never got the chance to wear it. It seems a bit tight as I have gained weight. But, don't worry I am happy to be able to go home and meet my little brother.

Then she did something which she always used to do when I was a kid and I hated it then. She pinched my cheecks with her fingers like I am only two years old. I only protested saying, -You know your brother is little no more and he does not like to be pinched by his sister. -No, my brother. You are still my little brother who likes to hug his adorable sister and always will be little too me. I was imagining the consequences of a close hug at this stage. With her bulging tits and my exploding cock it might be disastrous. To escape more embarassement I dicided to pay a visit to the food compartment for a change. It was a very hot day, about 100F outside. Winds was blowing, but it was still very hot. I started to sweat a lot.

I got a pepsi for me and bought one for Rubina too. When I got back after 15 minutes, Rubina was reading a film magazine with some sexy photographs of Madhuri and Urmila. Rubina was sweating too. Her transparent shimphon kamiz was virtually pasted to her body. My cock came back to his usual hard on again. Apparently, the pepsi could not cool it off. Rubina took the pepsi and began to drink. Then we began to chat about mom and baba a lot, my study and so. And off course hindy movies. Rubina asked, -Do you watch a lot of movies, Anu? -Not a lot. But watch the good ones. -What are your favourite heroins? -I think most of them are very good looking. I like Madhuri a lot. And Kajol and Karishma. - So you like Madhuri, ha. Why? do you think she is sexy? I blushed at this question, but answered, -Off course Madhuri is sexy. Kajol is more pretty than sexy. But Karishma is all sexy.

Then I realized that Rubina looks very similar to Karishma, only a little taller and has at least double sized tits. But both of them have almost sister like faces. Rubina was a bit amused at my view about Karishma and said, -Do you know that lot of people say that I look very similar to Karishma Kapoor. May be I am not as pretty as she is, but you have to agree that we have familiarity. -Rubina di (sister in bengali), don't be modest. You have some trace of Karishma's face, but you are far prettier than Karishma. If you went to Bombay without getting married, You would have been the most beautiful hindy film star of modern time. -Wow, hold it brother. Don't get carried away. Only tell me one thing. Since, you think Karishma is very sexy, do you think your sister is sexy too. I was stunned at this question, could not think much to arrange my words, but expressed my true feelings, -Rubina di, if you knew how sexy you are, you would think twice traveling alone with a young boy even if he is your brother. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen, far more sexier than Karishma or Urmila. Rubina pinched my cheek once again and said, -Don't act older than you are Anu. You are still a little brother. She started to laugh loudly then and said, -Off, it is very hot that makes me sleepy. Would you mind if I take a little nap.
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